War: What Isn't It Good For?

Absolutely everything. Wednesday marks the F'ing FIFTH ANNIVERSARY of this debacle. Whywhywhywhy: oilpowerliesgreed. Cruel irony that we need oil to fuel our warcrafts to secure our oil to fuel our warcrafts...Okay, that is all the antiestablisment rage I will type for now. Quick, think of happy things, like Jessy's blog and Project Open Hand and SF Bike Coalition and...and, puppies! Yeah, puppies and other cute things that will make you not get too depressed. This week's SXSW overflow should keep you distracted.

Tuesday, March 18th:

  • Prison Town USA plays at Intersection of the Arts 446 Valencia 7.30pm free. Why isn't this war-mongering administration locked up instead of disenfranchised neglected petty criminals? Art show stays up for awhile and seems rad
  • SFDebate discusses how Bush may be the opposite of Robin Hood, except that thief part 7pm $5 for non-Inforum members
  • Sonia Cotton picks at Hemlock 9.30pm $6

Wednesday, March 19th:

  • Pro-peace march all around town. Big rally at 5pm from Civic Center and other actions during the day. Direct Action to Stop the War and IndyBay have many ideas and details. I won't be doing anything too zany, though jail would continue my streak of rent-free living
  • Free Gaucho jazz at Amnesia 8pm

Thursday, March 20th:

  • Food Not Bombs at 16th St BART 5pm, then discussion with the founder 7pm Station 40 -just follow the hipster hippies
  • White Shoes, eclectic pop Indonesian group, plays free at Amoeba 6pm
  • INFORUM (my new gig) is holding an art and discussion panel "Art and Peace" 6.30pm. Not free, but wine reception and mind expansion are included
  • Cool looking skate art show "Fairfax and Haight" receives tonight 7pm VASF Gallery 1485 Haight/Ashbury
  • Jessy recommends the bands at Amnesia tonight 9pm ("TBA cover" on their website)

Friday, March 21st:

  • Roccapulco salsa dance party. A very cleverly named club 8.30pm salsa lessons $10 before 10pm and $15 after for all you slow pokes
  • Headlights and Evangelicals show at Hemlock 9.30pm $10 should be good

Saturday, March 22nd:

  • Anarchist Book Fair 10-6pm at County Fair Bldg in GG Park. You can bring the zine you just made about Wednesday's actions
  • Alemany Farm workday 12-5pm. Photosynthesize this!
  • Extra Action Marching Band plays at 12 Galaxies 9pm $10/12. I'll type it: They kick brass
  • See these super hyped bands tonight, some with encore performances on Sunday: Jens Lekman, Say Hi, Nada Surf w/Sea Wolf, Vampire Weekend. They aren't all at the same venue, so you'll have to scour Pitchfork and other snarky music snob blogs to help you decide which bands live up to their respective hype

Sunday, March 23rd:
  • Come celebrate JC's reincarnated rebirthday with cross dressers in Dolores, parades, and big wheel races (not on Lombard this year)
  • Anarchist Book Fair 11-5pm. You can and should wear the same thing you put on and slept in yesterday
  • Another super-hyped concert: Phosphorescent and Bon Iver 8pm The Independent $12
Monday, March 24th:
  • Only 2 days until my half birthday. Have you thought about your gift yet?
Tuesday, March 25th:
  • If you aren't too cool for school, check out high school kids reading their works at Books, Inc. 7pm
  • Kaki King, super hot and super good indie guitar chick, plays at Great American Music Hall 8pm $16
  • CelloJoe strokes at Bissap Baobab 9pm. Delish food, delish music

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