L'Austin in SouthBySouthWaste

Here in Tejas for SXSW. I'm like a kid in a candy store who's gonna have major stomach and dental problems later. Music, food, libations, people watching....sweet. I'll keep the confections listings confined to MyOpenBar and the "SouthBy" (this will never be uttered by my lips) websites. My schedule will be offered up to the kharma and serendipity gods, who will hopefully influence all the party gatekeepers to show goodwill to this badgeless little fan of free. Highlighted below are some savory San Francisco events, plus probably some righteous do-gooder articles. Keep posted for updates and better formatting with links. SXSW website has a sustainability section on it. I don't know if the speakers will be bicycle powered, but so far the afterparties earn the post's title and an F minus from me. Monday, March 10th:
  • Good ol' Monday standby's of free bluegrass at Amnesia and free trivia at Noe Valley Tavern
Tuesday, March 11th:
  • I'm lazy. Go play Scrabble and drink at Bean Bag
Wednesday, March 12th:
  • You know, Wednesday things
Thursday, March 13th:
  • Pal's band Microfiche plays at Bottom of the Hill 9pm $8. #22 Bus has a great route to get you there, but not a great schedule track record
Friday, March 14th:
  • 50% off clothes at ThrifTown Mission/17th. Think of it as half free if you can't wait for the Really Really Free Market in a few weeks
  • New show up at PingPong Gallery 6-9pm 1240 22nd Street (between Pennsylvania and Mississippi). Yea for art at places with cute names that utilize both alliteration and consonance
Saturday, March 15th:
  • Sleep in
Sunday, March 16th:
  • Alemany Farm workday 12-5pm

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