What's a Pirate's Favorite Holiday?

TheWeekIntro has overcome its NoisePop Crush from last week and is developing a new crush on SXSW. Until that love is realized, San Francisco is #1 in my heart. Below are events offered by this great city this week. Keep posted for updates. The weather is getting better, so rid your closet of your broken umbrella and get organized simultaneously. Clean up, as these companies should. And carefully wash your sweaters before putting them away for our summer in September. Speaking of putting things away...yea for having more prisoners than China and Russia. Monday, March 3rd:
  • M'lady Jessy hearts Langhorne Slim $12 The Independent 7.30pm doors. I can't vouch for the sound, as the computer I'm utilizing is from 1998 and has no speakers, but check out the enthusiasm for this and other events on Jessy's blog
  • Free bluegrass at Amnesia 8pm. Yeehaw
  • Whenever in doubt and depression, go to Bean Bag Cafe, Little Chihuahua, or Zante's for some cheap cerveza and good grub
Tuesday, March 4th:
  • Project Open Hand
  • SFBC
  • Hit up the free museums, go see Gilbert and George at the de Young and then me at Arizmendi
  • Update on the Iraq War and Prep for 5th Anniversary Protest 7pm with ANSWER
  • Sonya Cotton be playing at Red Devil Lounge 8pm $6. I saw her play on a farm, so a performance with walls will be a new experience
Wednesday, March 5th:
  • I'll Explore your Torium. Free every first Wednesday
  • Green Drinks at Varnish 5.30-7.30pm. Schmooze with the other tree-kissers
  • King Corn showing at SF's Main Library 6pm free. Awesome documentary tracking corn from kernal to syrup. Ironically or appropriately, no popcorn is allowed in this theatre
  • Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks play at Amoeba in the Haight 7pm fo' free. How to decide between free fun social commentary film and free fun hipster music?
  • Birds and Batteries play at the Knockout 10pm $5. These are good peeps, receiving deserved buzz
Thursday, March 6th:
  • First Thursdays at all the art galleries downtown. Bring your own wine cup and be prepared to snack. Refer to the Fecal Face link at the right
  • "Point of Paradox" art opening at Hang Art Annex 567 Sutter/Mason 6pm also brings you Conspiracy of Beards, the male complement to Jessy's choir
  • Funny phallic art show opening at 111 Minna 6pm-2am
  • Cocalero plays at ATA 7.30pm $6. Relearn why the War on Drugs is bullocks, and how Bolivia bounced back
  • Go see TheOhsees with The Dodos at 12 Galaxies 9pm. These kids are blowing up
Friday, March 7th:
  • Berkeley Energy Symposium all day. Bagels + sustainable energy discussion of a post-petroleum world + booze = my internship
  • Art Murmur in Oakland. Ugh, BART day
  • New show up in the Curiosity Shoppe. Lots of lovable firearms and refreshments 6-9pm 855 Valencia
  • "The Invisible Nation" opening Galeria de la Raza 2857 24th/Bryant 7.30pm. Immigration imagination
  • Botticellis play at The Independent 9pm $12. They are sharing the stage with lots of other folks
  • International Women's Day partay at Women's Bldg 18th/Valencia. Girl drummers are hot
Saturday, March 8th:
  • Alemany Farm 12-5pm. This should encourage you support local organic agriculture. F U Monsanto
  • What's a pirate's favorite holiday?
  • Non-Western Film Series plays a Western called El Topo at MOMA 3-4.30pm $5. The last film I saw here was Matthew Barney's crazy whale ship movie with his wife Bjork. I don't know if I'm recommending or warning against this event
  • Kafana Balkan is a crazy brass/circus concoction party show that raises funds for kids in Kosovo. Go. $12-25 at 9pm 12 Galaxies
  • Leslie and the Lys play the CockBlock Anniversary party at Rickshaw 9pm $10. This might be sensory overload
  • Conspiracy of Venus et al perform at Balazo 2183 Mission 8pm-medianoche. Warning: might be spoken word poetry, but still worth donating $7-20 to benefit International Women's Day and Direct Action to Stop the War
  • Fresyes. Dusty and Tim's art show in Fresno. Contact me if interested
  • Daylight Savings time. You didn't need an extra hour on your Wii anyway
Sunday, March 9th:
  • Leslie sports more of her Jem Sweaters for a free show at Amoeba Berkeley 2pm
  • The Flakes help The Knockout with their "Crazy Mixed Up Teenage Rock & Roll" extravaganza 4pm-???
  • You go to Trainwreck Riders at 12 Galaxies and I'll go to Austin for SXSW

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