Pop goes the Noise

My week is elatedly super saturated with NoisePop festivities. Music, art, film, free food and libations, shoe-gazing, programs printed on New Leaf paper....Maybe I died from some Ecuadorian pulmonary disease unknowingly and landed in a tailor-made TheWeekIntro heaven. The days' lists may be shorter this week, but that doesn't mean we are not taking advantage of this great city. It means we're volunteering at NoisePop, Project Open Hand, and SFBC. If you stay in this week, you lose. I promise to include more non-music events next week. Look at past posts if you want to see what I usually offer. And just a few things to keep you exploding from happiness. This news should dampen your day. Plus, you can't unhypocritically buy anything anymore. But, if you travel by shank's mare, soon you may not have to pillage Appalachia to charge your evil iPod. Tuesday, February 26th:
  • NoisePop opening party. Badges? We do need some stinking badges to gain entry. Or be a volunteer
Wednesday, February 27th:
  • Fix Masonic rally at SF Day School 11am. That street's got a dangerously funky grill.
  • NoisePop
  • Dodos listening party at Doc's Clock 6pm. Good free way to see and hear this band if you don't get to tomorrow's showzen at Cafe du Nord
Thursday, February 28th:
  • There's this thing called NoisePop going on that I might be kind of excited about
Friday, February 29th*:
  • NP
  • Party with design, art, fashion, jewelry, sips and nibbles...all successfully combined at Secession Art & Design 3361 Mission across from Safeway 6.30-9.30pm
  • *Bissextile Day. Forget the P and throw your favorite blogger a Lea Day fiesta
Saturday, March 1st:
  • Pssst....Have you heard of NoisePop?
  • Soapbox lecture at Bernal Bubbles in Bernal Heights. Usually some funky old people and wine accompany the discussion 10pm
Sunday, March 2nd:
  • You're dirty. Good. Alemany Farm workday 12-5pm
  • Cool designers and wares AND FREE F'ING WAFFLES! at 12 Galaxies 12-5. I am going to propose to NoisePop

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