Ashes, ashes

I woke up this morning in Latacunga to news of the volcano in Baños spewing some mantle juice, then to the appearance of ashes on people's foreheads for Ash Wednesday (something ingrained in my Catholic-fed brain). Just a thought that the volcano is trying to convert and evangelize. Flavorpill has many funky events listed for this week. I don't want to be responsible for listing them and then you go and you're all "That sucked. I'm never reading TheWeekIntro again. I'm just gonna stay in and watch South Park" so I'm just casually pointing you in that direction if you're up for somethings that probably don't happen in Minnesota. Listed events are a little slim this week. Sorry, I'm a bit out of the SF loop, as I'm on the Quilotoa Loop. Check out the links, and read articles on and to keep you busy (while at work). Wednesday, February 6th:
  • Iron Ladies of Liberia film at SF Public Library 6-7.30pm free. Go learn about why you should appreciate democracy. Wait, Liberia had a female president before us?
Friday, February 8th:
  • SFBC Love on Wheels. Uh, paying for an escort is socially acceptable, if it benefits the SFBC, right? Rickshaw Stop 6-10pm
Sunday, February 10th:
  • Crochet clinic 3-6pm at The Curiosity Shoppe 19th/Valencia. You will want to buy everything in this store, plus you will learn a new skill. Or just check out hot crafters

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