Pop goes the Noise

My week is elatedly super saturated with NoisePop festivities. Music, art, film, free food and libations, shoe-gazing, programs printed on New Leaf paper....Maybe I died from some Ecuadorian pulmonary disease unknowingly and landed in a tailor-made TheWeekIntro heaven. The days' lists may be shorter this week, but that doesn't mean we are not taking advantage of this great city. It means we're volunteering at NoisePop, Project Open Hand, and SFBC. If you stay in this week, you lose. I promise to include more non-music events next week. Look at past posts if you want to see what I usually offer. And just a few things to keep you exploding from happiness. This news should dampen your day. Plus, you can't unhypocritically buy anything anymore. But, if you travel by shank's mare, soon you may not have to pillage Appalachia to charge your evil iPod. Tuesday, February 26th:
  • NoisePop opening party. Badges? We do need some stinking badges to gain entry. Or be a volunteer
Wednesday, February 27th:
  • Fix Masonic rally at SF Day School 11am. That street's got a dangerously funky grill.
  • NoisePop
  • Dodos listening party at Doc's Clock 6pm. Good free way to see and hear this band if you don't get to tomorrow's showzen at Cafe du Nord
Thursday, February 28th:
  • There's this thing called NoisePop going on that I might be kind of excited about
Friday, February 29th*:
  • NP
  • Party with design, art, fashion, jewelry, sips and nibbles...all successfully combined at Secession Art & Design 3361 Mission across from Safeway 6.30-9.30pm
  • *Bissextile Day. Forget the P and throw your favorite blogger a Lea Day fiesta
Saturday, March 1st:
  • Pssst....Have you heard of NoisePop?
  • Soapbox lecture at Bernal Bubbles in Bernal Heights. Usually some funky old people and wine accompany the discussion 10pm
Sunday, March 2nd:
  • You're dirty. Good. Alemany Farm workday 12-5pm
  • Cool designers and wares AND FREE F'ING WAFFLES! at 12 Galaxies 12-5. I am going to propose to NoisePop

Same As It Ever Was

The Week Intro is back in action and will consistently offer you fabulous ways to spend your time, now that my Ecuadorian sabbatical is complete. Dude, it's Noise Pop ticket buying time. Or it was. Did your friends buy you tickets while you were out of the country? If not, you and I need new friends. And now for some interesting links to read while you are at work not working. Even though this article resembles something as sporadic and a bit unfocused as I would have written in undergrad, I think the point is I get to drive more. Also, during the primaries, I received many links to some sappy Obama campaign video. My sis sent me this very effective complement. I love me some poignant political parody. Additionally, your phone company probably let Bush eavesdrop...so sign up for Credo? Or learn semaphore. Wednesday, February 20th:
  • February Birthday Show 7-10pm. Jessy is too humble to make this her show, even though she was the brainchild and executor. Brought to you by the lunar eclipse
Thursday, February 21st:
  • Learn about the Transportation and Land Use Coalition 5.30pm. Seems f'ing great, plus you get burritos if you write to rsvp@transcoalition.org
  • Schools and Housing and Healthcare Not Bombs discussion at Providence Christian Center 220 Turk 6pm free
  • Global Exchange has mad stuff going on tonight
  • Wish You Were Here! CITY/SPACE opening night. No Floyd involved, just rethinking of kitchy "Frisco" souvenirs 6-9pm
  • Art Opening at Simple Pleasures. And you can help them clean up debris from Jessy's party last night
  • Food Not Bombs at 16th St BART 5pm. I think knives are provided, but you could probably ask most any person in that area to borrow theirs
  • Station 40 is showing Delicatessen at 9pm 3030B 16th St/Mission. Just in case anyone gets inspiration from this film, I'm glad it's showing after Food Not Bombs
Friday, February 22nd:
  • Irrigation systems class at Garden for the Environment 10-1pm free. Not just hippies relieving themselves in the backyard
  • Sometimes I think MyOpenBar is too snarky for their own good, but I still check their website to make fun of them making fun of stuff. This week turned serendipitous, as it alerted me to a free Thao Nguyen show at UC Berkeley at noon. Hopefully I'll make it back to the BART by midnight, because that's when it ridiculously stops running
  • de Young Museum got some krazy music art stuff that is free and not free. Vague, but there is a good make-out bunker in the patio
  • Art opening and baked goods at Tartine 18th/Guerrero 9-11pm. The last time I hit up an event at this venue, some dude who worked at Second Life hit on me and I ate lots of non-vegan things. My stomach felt ill for many reasons
Saturday, February 23rd:
  • Some crazy tomato cash treasure hunt, art walk, and frozen mass movements, say the MyOpenBar lushes
  • Alemany Farm workday 12-5pm. Dig it
  • How free is it? The Really Really Free Market is taking control of ArtSpan at 1-5pm 110 Capp/16th
  • Chinese New Year parade 5.30pm. Guess where it is
  • Fecal Face Dot Gallery opening at 66 Gough/Market 5-8pm, then the afterpartyhotellobby 9-? at The Uptown 17th/Capp
  • French Miami at Thee Parkside for the ScatterBrain Jamboree $10. Music and money for the AIDS Foundation
Sunday, February 24th:
  • If all that moola you saved at the Really Really Free Market is burning holes in your pockets, spend it on new pockets at IndieMart 12-5pm 12 Galaxies. Cute local designers, cute local shoppers
  • Fort Gallery's throwing down with a BBQ and music 1pm. Cost? The mental effort of finding the place, plus maybe a little cash
  • Volunteer orientation for Noise Pop 5-7pm 2900 20th St. Yea for free concert entry. Oh yeah, and helping others
Monday, February 25th:
  • Hypocrital Oath? Retired military med talks about health professionals and torture 12pm UCSF free
  • Cinewhore! presents the cinematic experience of Klute. See how old famous people got famous, whilst enjoying "Snacks, smut give aways, performance, and post film discussion 6.30pm doors, 7.30pm show at ATA $5-more donation
  • Bluegrass at Amnesia 8.30pm. No charge for yee-hawing

Ashes, ashes

I woke up this morning in Latacunga to news of the volcano in BaƱos spewing some mantle juice, then to the appearance of ashes on people's foreheads for Ash Wednesday (something ingrained in my Catholic-fed brain). Just a thought that the volcano is trying to convert and evangelize. Flavorpill has many funky events listed for this week. I don't want to be responsible for listing them and then you go and you're all "That sucked. I'm never reading TheWeekIntro again. I'm just gonna stay in and watch South Park" so I'm just casually pointing you in that direction if you're up for somethings that probably don't happen in Minnesota. Listed events are a little slim this week. Sorry, I'm a bit out of the SF loop, as I'm on the Quilotoa Loop. Check out the links, and read articles on Alternet.org and Grist.org to keep you busy (while at work). Wednesday, February 6th:
  • Iron Ladies of Liberia film at SF Public Library 6-7.30pm free. Go learn about why you should appreciate democracy. Wait, Liberia had a female president before us?
Friday, February 8th:
  • SFBC Love on Wheels. Uh, paying for an escort is socially acceptable, if it benefits the SFBC, right? Rickshaw Stop 6-10pm
Sunday, February 10th:
  • Crochet clinic 3-6pm at The Curiosity Shoppe 19th/Valencia. You will want to buy everything in this store, plus you will learn a new skill. Or just check out hot crafters
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