I'm going to ridiculously overuse this phrase. You were warned. I've left Mindo and am exploring the Northern Highlands: Otavalo, Ibarra, and Valle de Chota through Carnaval. I most certainly will get splashed with water, as that is the tradition around here. Everyone's already wet from the rain, but that deters no one. Highlights of my week, then onto The Week Intro: translating a Maroon 5 song for my hostel manager, trying to explain the ins and outs of the prison industrial complex, and realizing parking lot attendant sounds much more professional in Spanish. Look at Jessy's blog for detailed info of good stuff shaking around SF. The Ocean Film Festival is screening at Fort Mason Center. VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE February 5. I don't care if your lot in life is fine and you don't want to "impose your views" on other people. Much of the US population doesn't have your life. Move your selfish ass to Myanmar, Banda Aceh, or Khazakstan where you don't have much option to participate in democracy. Thursday, January 31st:
  • Hop around the galleries downtown with your own wine glass-cup-jar. Eat some cheese for me
  • Food Not Bombs at 16th St BART 6pm
  • Free Movie Night at Station 40. Some film about Russian, Stalin, maybe borsht 9pm

Friday, February 1st:

  • Art Murmur in Oakland if you want a little B'ART in your life
Saturday, February 2nd:
  • Station 40 loves Oaxaca, and wants you to love it too. Free tamales, music, film, art. Drinks for sale and donations accepted 6.30pm
  • Chinatown New Year's festival today and tomorrow afternoon. Yours of the Roman calendar wasn't good enough

Sunday, February 3rd:

  • Something called "Firestone abuses human and environmental rights in Liberia" aka the Superbowl XXXCDDDIIII is happening
  • Vietnamese New Year party in the streets (Loin!) all day

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