Decisions, decisions

Many happenings are overlapping this week, so choose wisely. Or just close your eyes and point to something on this list. You'll experience at least a modicum of fun along the way, whether it be sharing the Muni with some snippy Ron Paul supporter, meeting hotties at the event, finding an oven mitt en route, or being called an ersatz Mary Magdalene by a cackling shoe shiner. Bless and damn this city for having so much to do. I'll see you at everything, unless I jet off to Ecuador on a whim. Okay, so I don't ride a bike, but you should attend the numerous events listed for this week endorsed by the SFBC. They provide thorough details and don't lead you on with mysterious pictures of Donald Sutherland pointing and screaming. Plus I feel overwhelmed writing about everything happening, so check out the links to the right and SF Sketchfest. And don't forget to register to vote. Make this country suck less. Look for updates throughout the week. Wednesday, January 9th:
  • POH
  • Warm Planet Bikes Grand Opening to celebrate new bike valet system 11.30am Caltrain Station at 4th and Townsend. Ribbon Cutting! Lunchtime snacks! Listening to speeches by regional transportation officials! This will be a regular ole hootenanny
  • SFBC Volunteer Night.
  • Banished, a documentary about segregation, plays 6-7.30pm at the Main Library
  • Gaucho Jazz at Amnesia Jazz pm free
  • El Olio Wolof is decent. Loquat is good. Black Heart Procession is not my cup of tea. These bands are playing tonight at Bottom of the Hill. Your choice 8pm $15
Thursday, January 10th:
  • Creativity Explored art center opening reception of FindersKeepers show featuring found art 7-9pm 16th/Guerrero. Put some junk in your trunk
  • Another show that puts bands I enjoy (Mariee Souix, Little Wings, Leebob Watson) with one I don't (The Entrance Band). To each their own $13 Great American Music Hall
  • Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978 version) plays at Station 40's free movie night 9pm. Come on, you can deal with being in a co-op/commune to see Spok and the Fly fight aliens
Friday, January 11th:
  • Sips, nibbles, design, and music at Secession 6.30-9.30 across from Safeway on Mission
  • Joseph Childress plays at Fort Gallery (really, still no good website?) 83B Weise 16th Mission/Valencia. Free, m'thinks
  • Soma FM party. Their IndiePopRocks station is incredible and heart it a million times over. 8-midnight 1890 Bryant St. You need an invite or a smooth talkin' mouth.
  • SPCA show at 1554 Market St Gallery reception6-9pm. Expect to be bombarded by ridiculously cute or heartbreakingly ugly animals, live and in art
  • "Detroit" art opening 6-8pm at Electric Works 130 Eighth St. Photography of buildings seems interesting, really
  • "Guise" show and reception at 6pm Gallery 16 seems interesting
  • "Four Solo Exhibitions" artist chat 6.30pm and reception 7pm that will hopefully be more exciting than the show's name. Taking place at Southern Exposure
  • Citay show with others at 12 Galaxies $8 could be good
Saturday, January 12th:
  • Alemany Farm workday 12-5pm
  • Learn to sew real good at Sewing Workshop's open house 11-2pm 2010 Balboa
  • If you were cool and on it (I wasn't) and got tickets already, enjoy the Kate Nash and Minipop show at 330 Ritch. Tell me how the sold out show was
  • Thao Nguyen with the Get Down Stay Down and others at Cafe Du Nord $10 concert time. Sometimes she plays her guitar with a toothbrush! Madness
  • The Onion's 2nd Annual Celebration of Broken Resolutions 9.30pm $10 at The Mighty. Supposedly great unique bands and comedy will help you realize you're never going to run a marathon or give up refined sugar
Sunday, January 13th:
  • Gavin is hosting family fun day or something. Free museums, maybe even the ones that cheated me out of free first Tuesdays by using the loophole that the real first Tuesday was January 1st. When they were closed. I'm talking to you, jerky MOMA. Oh, and you might have to glom onto an actual family and show city ID to get in fo' free
  • Trash Mash Up is exhibiting their Maskostumes 10-3pm at SF Environment's EcoCenter 11 Grove St. This programs recycles people's junk into a program teaching kids art, expression, and how to make pretty shiny things
  • KUSF's Rock n' Swap Music Lovers' Fair 10-3pm USF's McLaren Hall $3 (or $20 if you don't know how iTunes work and you want the early bird special at 6am). Buy, sell, trade, sit, roll over, shake, stay. Good hipster
  • Clothing swap at my pal's house 1.13-5pm. Contact me for a VIP invite
  • Emily Jane White is pretty good $6 Make Out Room 8pm
  • Spiderman 3 at the Dark Room's Bad Movie Night 8pm $5 for popcorn, banjo, and witty commentary
  • Many of my colleagues enjoy Lupe Fiasco, but few of them would pay $30 for his Fillmore show 8pm
Monday, January 14th:
  • Bart Davenport sounds similar to Van Morrison, and Van Morrison is good, so by the transitive property or some other faulty logical argument that I was taught in a required college class, go to this show 9.30pm $5 Cafe Du Nord

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