Cuy jerky, anyone?

I'm off to Mindo, Ecuador until February 12th. Hostel Gypsy is gonna be rad after I'm done revamping it. I'm doing a needs assessment for the place. Maybe soon it will be a skill share center, eco-reserve, or carbon trade offset. Quien sabe? Look at my erstwhile posts and links for ideas of what to do whilst I'm away, and I'll try to update with cool stuff from down south and mix it with events here in SF. *Update: I just walked ino the Mindo internet cafe, and updating this might not be so easy. El internet no es tan rapido aqui. Learn Spanish if you could not guess what that meant. I'll try my darndest to keep you all updated and to re-learn the latino keyboard, but no promises. Jessy's blog will keep you informed. And volunteer at Project Open Hand, as they don't have my dextrous appendages helping them out for the next few weeks. Friday, January 25th:
  • Sean Hayes show at the Independent.
  • Trapped in the Closet sing'a'long at Mezzanine
Saturday, January 26th:
  • Enjoy your paved sidewalks and check out the SFBC's walking tour of Treasure Island
  • Alemany Farm Workday
  • Really Really Free Market 1-5pm at 110 Capp/16th
  • Botticellis, Au Revoir Simone, & Loquat at the Independent
Sunday, January 27th:
  • The really really Indie Mart is today. go get hip.
Monday, January 28th:

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