Choo! Choo!

I am now officially retired and a full time volunteer/merry maker. This doesn't mean I'm any less busy; au contraire, my Golden Years are saturated with events and doings. I'm telling you, volunteering is the way to go: it keeps me from having to buy cat food and eat Early Bird Specials of pot roast at local diners. (Early Bird by Rodney Putnam is a great book and should inspire all of you to follow in his/my footsteps). I get food, new skills, face time with connected people, and resume builders. Hop on board the selfish altruism train everyone! Monday, December 10th:
  • POH evening shift
  • To benefit SF School Volunteers, Books Inc. at Opera Plaza is sellebrating with free refreshments. Me want cookies.
  • Want to feel like a noble, resourceful, humble, warmhearted Midwesterner instead of a black souled city slicker? Insert a little bluegrass into your night: Eileen Jewel $10 Rickshaw Stop OR Barefoot Nellies at Amnesia for free.
Tuesday, December 11th:
  • SF Environment Toxic Toy Testing. I don't think HazMat suits are involved, but waving a magic-lead-detecting-wand-thingy over Mattel products is! Hopefully the food they are giving me won't be touching the testing subjects.
  • Those quirky writers (Lemony Snicket and Lisa Brown) of The Latke Who Couldn't Stop Screaming do up a real good reading at The Booksmith 1644 Haight 6pm.
  • Benefit for cyclone victims in Bangladash $10 at Royale. DJs, dancing, auction, etc. And it's called the Red Crescent instead of the Red Cross there, which I dig.
Wednesday, December 12th:
  • POH!
  • Reading, signing, and staining of The Onion's Our Dumb World at Rockit Room 7-9pm. Drink specials + maybe free beer.
Thursday, December 13th:
  • POH
  • Absinthe is Legal Party! at Elixir 9pm. The Green Fairy may be legal, but black market organ selling still isn't, so remember that when you are shopping for a new liver.
  • Benefit for "In Search of Good Food" film at El Rio 5-9pm $5-infinity donation. Also local unique choir and bands.
  • Porcelynne Design Co-op is having a trunk show 6-9pm. Last time they disappointed with no snacks, so fingers crossed for tonight 14th and Guerrero.
  • Opening reception for "Rubicon Sun" graffiti show at Fifty24SF 7pm 252 Fillmore
  • SFBC Office work
  • Office the band at 330 Ritch 9pm $10. Chicago pop: it may be work the trek back up from the Mission.
  • Ex-boyfriends show at Bottom of the Hill could be major or mediocre $8
  • "Hey, What's Up?" opening reception at Photo Epicenter 5-9pm. This is a locally famous dude and all the cool folks will be out in full force.
Friday, December 14th:
  • Volunteering with OneBrick to lead people around a LEED house
  • Indie Wrap-Up Trunk show at Craft Gym 6-9pm. Drinky-drinks, artsy-arts, snacky-snacks, and cutesy cutes.
  • Show/play at ATA at 21st and Valencia seems...interesting. Free 8pm.
  • Friends' friend Ryan's art show at new Fort Gallery 83B Wiese St 6-9pm.
  • Secession Art & Design is a new gallery/co-op across from the Mission Safeway. The people are uber-nice and throw parties 5-9pm with nibbles and sips today and next Friday.
  • Big Umbrella Gallery at McAllisterrrr and Divis is switching out the art with an extravaganza of projection and lights, plus some drunk hipsters 7.30-?
Saturday, December 15th:
  • Alemany Farm Workday
  • BazaarBizarre at Hall of Flowers (Botanical Gardens) 11-6pm $1 and the first 300 folks get goody bags! Full of surprises and goods! Plus you can go stuff your face at delicious delicious delicious Arizmendi Bakery a block away. So delicious.
  • 3 parties. Ridiculous.
Sunday, December 16th:
  • Thread fashion extravaganza 11-6pm $7-10.
  • Guerrilla Fashionista 11-4pm at Foreign Cinema. Many merchants from BazaarBizarre will be there. This event did not advertise effectively.
  • Botticellis at Hotel Utah Saloon $6.
  • Many friends love The Blue Scholars $12 Cafe du Nord.


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Dusty said...

"Describe your mood during your usual post time:"...Funny.

Also, Question 7, first page, misspells "opinions." Fucking lazy academics.