Happy New Week

It's that weird long road trip stretch between holidays. You can be focused on your destination and speed through the time, or make the most of it with the sparse odd road side attractions. Here are some diversions for the week, if you ain't be out of town still. And when you do come back, watch out for tigers. Really. Wednesday, December 26th:
  • POH
  • French Miami, Raccoons, Cubik & Origami $6 Hemlock Tavern 9.30pm. Friends of friend's band. Decide for yourself
  • Still time to go to Jovino at Union/Fillmore and give a winter coat to get 5 free coffee drinks. And not just any regular cup of joe: green tea lattes, hot chocolates, and white chocolate mochas can be your rewards til Dec 31
Thursday, December 27th:
  • Nanny time! Excellent!
  • The Onion's Society for Beer Enjoyment at Rickshaw 7-9pm free beer til the punctual people drink it all. To RSVP, e-mail sfpromo@theonion.com with "RICKSHAW" in the subject field. I think they're getting serious about the RSVP thing, so get on it. They are showing videos from The Onion News Network, so you won't even have to drink to have fun. Imagine that!
  • The Finches show at Hemlock could be aight 9.30pm $7
Friday, December 28th:
  • Rademacher's CD release party 8.30pm $8 Rickshaw
  • Hemlock strikes again with The Guilty Hearts and Les Hormones 9.30pm $6. Cut your bangs and wear black
  • [CANCELLED] No more Thao, but the other bands Oliver Future and Boy in the Bubble seem good. ---Just found out about Thao Nguyen's show at Hotel Utah Saloon 9pm $6. Too many concerts from which to decide!
Saturday, December 29th:
  • Really Really Free Market 1-5pm at Art SF (110 Capp 5th floor at 16th/Mission). Jeremy Dalmas is doing his hilarious interactive show at 3pm
  • Stussy SF in Upper Haight is having an art opening 7-10pm
Sunday, December 30th:
  • Red Hill Books in Bernal has their habitual Sunday wine snack 3-5pm event PLUS some crazy talented sax player doing cool stuff
Monday, December 31st: NYE gets a blurb. I'm not gonna list expensive events, but that doesn't mean some of them might not suck. Invite me to cool house parties you know about, and I'll do the same. Here are some public events:
  • Free midnight cava at Thirsty Bear. Is this true, Elaine?
  • Elbo Room has a 60's Soul Dance Party starting at 10pm and is charging $15-20 (so they can afford a W)
  • Mojo Bicycle Cafe party. Open all day, accelerating into party mode around 7pm? Paella and booze. No cover charge, but not sure what all is free (besides biker eye candy)

Ho Ho Ho

A great thing this week is Whore Magazine's film night. See below for details, and check all week for updates. And throw a party so I have something to put on here. And while I have some space, check out this Alternet article and tell me what you think. And donate a winter coat at Jovino and get lots of caffeine in return. Some decent stuff on MyOpenBar for Thursday and Friday. Monday, December 17th:
  • POH Evening Shift
  • From 6-8pm each Monday, Thrift Town at 17th and Mission has 30% off everything, inexplicably celebrating football
  • Belle du Jour at ATA 992 Valencia @ 21st. Snacks and skin at 6.30, film at 7.30pm $5-20 donation benefits St. James Infirmary. Thanks Cinewhore!
  • Bluegrass at Amnesia fo' free 8.30pm
Tuesday, December 18th:
  • POH's Hand to Hand luncheon. Setting up, serving alcohol to donors at lunch to loosen their wallets
  • Sketch Tuesdays at 111 Minna Gallery 6/6.30-9pm
Wednesday, December 19th:
  • POH Midday shift
  • Chevy's "Mexican" Restaurant at 590 Van Ness is serving "free apps and drinks" 5-7 pm to sellebrate their "fresh new look." To RSVP, call (800)735-3501, press option 1 then ext. 2454#. What?
  • Compost canvassing with SF Environment. I get to knock on doors, tell people to compost, and wear a vest. And probably in the rain! Yea for efforts to be a zero waste city
  • If you'd be in the overlapping space in a Venn diagram of a SOMA loving circle, a sports bar fan circle, and a free beer aficionado circle, you are one lucky duck today because the Onion Society for Beer Enjoyment is meeting at Overtime Sports Bar at 398 Seventh St 6-8pm
  • "Film Fragments of San Francisco" at CounterPulse 7.30pm for free
Thursday, December 20th:
  • Alice Waters speaks at Red Hill Books in Bernal Heights 7.30pm. Maybe she will bring some local wild boar prosciutto and melon amuse bouche whilst she speaks about her books, sustainable plans with Slow Food, and Edible School Yard projects
  • DJ Mike Relm and Sugar & Gold perform at 330 Ritch 10pm $10-13. Wear your glittery dancing shoes
  • California Academy of Sciences has their last "Drink with penguins" night 6.30pm $5
  • Concerts at Bottom of the Hill and Rickshaw Stop look/sound pretty good.
Friday, December 21st:
  • You are throwing me a surprise party? With vegan chili cheese dogs and mudslides? You're the best!
  • Holiday and design party at Secesion 5-7 or 9pm. Store is across from Safeway down on Mission
  • Conspiracy of Venus, Conspiracy of Beards, and Wyman and his Spirit Children are playing at Noe Valley Ministry 1021 Sanchez 6.30pm $6-10. I'd go for the first choir, but honestly probably not for the band or solstice celebration. I'm not that new age-y.
Saturday, December 22nd:
  • Alemany Farm workday 12-5pm
  • Mission Greenbelt soundscape tour 1pm Dolores and 19th. Walking and sound tour with artists Jeremy Dalmas and Amber Hasselbring. I witnessed Jeremy's awesome interactive show last week and I expect some antics on this tour also
  • Pandora's Trunk is having another party with music, drink, and design 5-7pm
  • Unsilent Night at Dolores Park. Website says cassette distribution is at 7pm, event at 8pm. Bring your Yo Gabba Gabba boomboxes!
  • Push to Talk and Mother Hips shows might be good
Sunday, December 23rd:
  • Another surprise party? With caponata and Arizmendi garlic sourdough and berry pie? Thanks!
  • POH Midday shift
Monday, December 24th:
  • Chaos Christmas Carol with Chicken John and friends 8pm $8 at 12 Galaxies. For all us orphans/people too cheap-lazy to go home. Bring a wacky ecologically-wrapped white elephant gift and join in the madness
Tuesday, December 25th:
  • Go to Glide Memorial church starting at 9am to volunteer, eat, sing, sway with the Lord's love (any combination of those). Watch out for the gift of tongues! Glossolalia scares some
  • Free family day at the Contemporary Jewish Museum 11-3pm. Crafts and snacks! They really know how to celebrate Christmas!

Choo! Choo!

I am now officially retired and a full time volunteer/merry maker. This doesn't mean I'm any less busy; au contraire, my Golden Years are saturated with events and doings. I'm telling you, volunteering is the way to go: it keeps me from having to buy cat food and eat Early Bird Specials of pot roast at local diners. (Early Bird by Rodney Putnam is a great book and should inspire all of you to follow in his/my footsteps). I get food, new skills, face time with connected people, and resume builders. Hop on board the selfish altruism train everyone! Monday, December 10th:
  • POH evening shift
  • To benefit SF School Volunteers, Books Inc. at Opera Plaza is sellebrating with free refreshments. Me want cookies.
  • Want to feel like a noble, resourceful, humble, warmhearted Midwesterner instead of a black souled city slicker? Insert a little bluegrass into your night: Eileen Jewel $10 Rickshaw Stop OR Barefoot Nellies at Amnesia for free.
Tuesday, December 11th:
  • SF Environment Toxic Toy Testing. I don't think HazMat suits are involved, but waving a magic-lead-detecting-wand-thingy over Mattel products is! Hopefully the food they are giving me won't be touching the testing subjects.
  • Those quirky writers (Lemony Snicket and Lisa Brown) of The Latke Who Couldn't Stop Screaming do up a real good reading at The Booksmith 1644 Haight 6pm.
  • Benefit for cyclone victims in Bangladash $10 at Royale. DJs, dancing, auction, etc. And it's called the Red Crescent instead of the Red Cross there, which I dig.
Wednesday, December 12th:
  • POH!
  • Reading, signing, and staining of The Onion's Our Dumb World at Rockit Room 7-9pm. Drink specials + maybe free beer.
Thursday, December 13th:
  • POH
  • Absinthe is Legal Party! at Elixir 9pm. The Green Fairy may be legal, but black market organ selling still isn't, so remember that when you are shopping for a new liver.
  • Benefit for "In Search of Good Food" film at El Rio 5-9pm $5-infinity donation. Also local unique choir and bands.
  • Porcelynne Design Co-op is having a trunk show 6-9pm. Last time they disappointed with no snacks, so fingers crossed for tonight 14th and Guerrero.
  • Opening reception for "Rubicon Sun" graffiti show at Fifty24SF 7pm 252 Fillmore
  • SFBC Office work
  • Office the band at 330 Ritch 9pm $10. Chicago pop: it may be work the trek back up from the Mission.
  • Ex-boyfriends show at Bottom of the Hill could be major or mediocre $8
  • "Hey, What's Up?" opening reception at Photo Epicenter 5-9pm. This is a locally famous dude and all the cool folks will be out in full force.
Friday, December 14th:
  • Volunteering with OneBrick to lead people around a LEED house
  • Indie Wrap-Up Trunk show at Craft Gym 6-9pm. Drinky-drinks, artsy-arts, snacky-snacks, and cutesy cutes.
  • Show/play at ATA at 21st and Valencia seems...interesting. Free 8pm.
  • Friends' friend Ryan's art show at new Fort Gallery 83B Wiese St 6-9pm.
  • Secession Art & Design is a new gallery/co-op across from the Mission Safeway. The people are uber-nice and throw parties 5-9pm with nibbles and sips today and next Friday.
  • Big Umbrella Gallery at McAllisterrrr and Divis is switching out the art with an extravaganza of projection and lights, plus some drunk hipsters 7.30-?
Saturday, December 15th:
  • Alemany Farm Workday
  • BazaarBizarre at Hall of Flowers (Botanical Gardens) 11-6pm $1 and the first 300 folks get goody bags! Full of surprises and goods! Plus you can go stuff your face at delicious delicious delicious Arizmendi Bakery a block away. So delicious.
  • 3 parties. Ridiculous.
Sunday, December 16th:
  • Thread fashion extravaganza 11-6pm $7-10.
  • Guerrilla Fashionista 11-4pm at Foreign Cinema. Many merchants from BazaarBizarre will be there. This event did not advertise effectively.
  • Botticellis at Hotel Utah Saloon $6.
  • Many friends love The Blue Scholars $12 Cafe du Nord.

Hot Kakitane Arare!

That is the name of my new favorite spicy rice cracker snack and my new exclamation for expressing astonishment. One could say: "Hot Kakitane Arare! Why are the posts so detail-less for this week so far?" The response would be: "Computer access has been wonky, but will be better soon. Kisses! Don't change!" This posting will change as I have more info. Tuesday, December 4th:
  • Naked Raygun and Swinging Utters at the Elbo Room. Good luck getting in, as tickets are elusive/sold out. Bring your aggression and black wardrobe and American Spirits.
  • Urban Alliance for Sustainability events team potluck 7-8.30 at New College. Planning meeting for upcoming events, or possibly to figure out rideshare to Burning Man.
Wednesday December 5th:
  • The Thermals at Slim's.
  • Vampire Weekend at the Independent. I haven't listened to this band, but the openers Still Flyin' are pretty fantastic.
  • Holiday party at Studio 3579 at 17th and Dolores. Drinks, food, fashion 6-9pm.
  • RAN, Forest Ethics, and other do-gooders are throwing a party 6-9 at Bruno's in the Mission. This is supposed to be a private party open to the public at 9pm, but hug a tree and you'll be good to go.
  • SFBC Volunteer Appreciation Party 5pm-?. Can I fit all the free drinks and food from this night into my body?
  • Penny Arcade showcase at Make-Out Room. This is a monthly semi-acoustic event. $6 gets you good local music. Usually.
Thursday December 6th:
  • Jonathon Richman at Great American Music Hall. This dude is hilarious and talented. His tunes will be in your head for eons.
  • Surprise Me Mr. Davis show at the Independent. I don't know much about them except some very strong recommendations from friends of friends.
  • ReadyMade Magazine's Winter Ball and DIY Gift Fair 6.30-11pm Verdi Club, 2424 Mariposa in Portrero Hill.
  • First Thursdays art openings. Check out the Fecal Face link to the right. Or just wander around downtown with a wine glass and napkin.
  • ArtSpan stuff at 111 Minna. $75 from 5-7pm, then a general reception from 7-8.30pm
Friday, December 7th:
  • I suggest finding someone's office holiday party to crash. Wear a cocktail dress and you'll be welcomed.
  • Lower Haight Xmas crawl 8-11pm. Like Christmas carol-ing, but maybe without the carols.
  • A special holiday Teenage Craze Dance Party at the Knockout. These things are unbelievably fun.
  • Art Murmur in Oakland, if you decide you need a little BART in your life. That transit system should be open later than midnight.
  • Hayes Valley Holiday Block Party. Wander around the trendy shops and wonder about the prices. Going says the party starts at 6pm, and Yelp says noon. Whom to believe?
  • Creativity Explored's Holiday Art Sale: a sale of artwork in various media by more than 100 artists with developmental disabilities at 3245 16th Street 6-9pm, plus Sat/Sun 11-6pm through Dec 29th.
  • The Society of Saints and Sinners re-launch party 8.30pm with food and drink at O'Reilly's Holy Grail 1233 Polk. This could be amazing or sketchy.
  • World Savvy's global youth media and arts festival 6-9pm at Zeum.
  • Curiosity Shoppe opening of "The Small Stakes: A Year in Posters" 6-9pm. 855 Valencia.
Saturday, December 8th:
  • Your heart might explode at the Rocket Dog Rescue 1st Annual Very Puppy Christmas 12-4pm at Java Beach Cafe. They have a puppy kissing booth. Seriously.
  • 2nd Annual Super Market Street Sweep. Prove your superiority at biking and clipping coupons 12pm.
  • KPFA Craftshow at Concourse Center. Go and get cool gifts whilst supporting local radio. Everyone wins! Plus you can get volunteer and get hooked up.
  • Giant Robot is sellebrating the anniversary of the Ugly Doll with the creator and a costume contest. Some of you won't have to dress up. 6pm in the Upper Haight.
  • "Something Visionary" art show opening at Culture Skate 214 Valencia across from Zeitgeist. Think trucks and bombing hills plus local painters 6-10pm
  • Anyone up for a Devo tribute band? $10 at 12 Galaxies. Their name is Mongoloid-a-polooza. For realz.
  • Hanukkah vs Christmas holiday party with beer tasting at City Beer Store 4pm.
  • Pandora's Trunk opening party at 544 Haight 6-10pm. This is a new studio/gallery/boutique of local artists. Free food and drink. They get points for asking that you bring your own cup. Plus you can bring an instrument and impress everyone with your mad musical skillz.
Sunday, December 9th:
  • IndieMart at 12 Galaxies noon-5pm.
  • KPFA Craftshow again.
  • Free BBQ at Delirium and 500 Club when you buy their cheap beer. This happens every Sunday around 3pm-ish, plus they're so close together you can walk between them to compare BBQ fare.
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