Turk-y Day

I'm not aware of anything super amazingly fantastic happening tonight, Wednesday, except for everyone hitting up the bars before having to act Puritanically around their families the next few days. Talk up somebody and get a free drink, is my advice. I will be baking monstrous amounts of pie at Dusty's on Turk St (the new IT hang out, because he has functioning internet and RealPlayer on which I can fast forward music I don't like on KDHX.org shows). And remember to look ahead for getting in free and getting free stuff by volunteering: TurkeyTrot, and if you are in the SF Bicycle Coalition or want to barter a membership for a mere 10 hours of your time, Winterfest is going to be AMAZING. More about volunteering later. Oh, and sign up for MyOpenBar.com's email list please. I might be a contributor for them, and we'd all benefit. Wednesday, November 21st:
  • POH
  • PIE
  • Rademacher and Built like Alaska for $6 could be good at the Knockout.
Thursday, November 22nd:
  • Aren't you glad you have food? You have the day off. Take 2 minutes and call your legislators about the farm bill. Shout out to Jessy for giving this attention.
  • Volunteer or run at the TurkeyTrot at the beach. A colder, more focused Bay to Breakers. Some giving person will probably hand you a Hamm's or Schlitz.
  • In Berkeley, but Food Not Bombs is having a potluck for anyone and everyone. Details in the Guardian Alerts.
  • Hostelling International's Thanksgiving. Teaching cute foreigners about our colonization tactics. Maybe I will ironically serve a meal to a British person.
  • Free pumpkin pie at Madrone Lounge 2pm-2am. Some DJs are playing a variety of genres starting at 9pm, which is when I plan to leave, intentionally and coincidentally.
  • Dodgeball at Dolores tennis courts. BYOB (Balls. It wouldn't be any fun to imbibe whilst hurling objects at high speeds at your peers, would it? No, not at all. Definitely not.)
  • Take advantage of the food and beer induced state of your punk crush and hit on them at Bingotopia/Turkeytopia at 10pm at the Knockout.
Friday, November 23rd:
  • My pal Zan now lives here. She is having a dinner party tonight. Oh, you weren't invited. Then, um, I don't know of anything going on.
  • Band of Horses at the Fillmore for $20. The buzz says it's worth the price.
  • The Devil Makes Three; Or, The Whale; and The Trainwreck Riders at the Independent. $15. You did not foil my punctuation with your punctuation, tricky middle band.
Saturday, November 24th:
  • Really Really Free Market 1-Dusk in D'Lorez Park. Bring stuff then take stuff. Or not.
  • Alemany Farm workday.
  • Fungus Festival (also Sunday) at the Ferry Building. Hopefully this does not involve feet. It benefits the SF Mycological Society, which is a real thing. The event will be fun and funny, but not fungible.
  • Trunk Show at Porcelynne Designer Collective 11am-6pm. Free wine that will help convince you to buy your friends (eh-hem) pretty shiny things and cool clothes.
  • Double Punch Gallery is opening their exhibit "Tinyshop" 6-9pm. Quintessential art opening fare provided whilst you gaze at cute mini things.
  • Matador Travel, 111 Minna, and 826 Valencia are throwing a shindig to help kids read more better. $15-20 to shake your bum, eat free hors d'oevres, and people/art watch. The event is called "Thanks for Dancing!" I say thanks to the administration for leaving so many children behind.
If you attend the last two events listed, save me some food and eye candy, as I'll be babysitting sleeping kids until later in the evening.
Sunday, November 25th:
  • Jose Gonzales and Cass McCombs $25 at Bimbo's. Yes expensive, but I didn't see Jose when he was in town last time, so I saved money, right? $22 in advance! That saves you $3, so you break even on the bus fare to get there a day ahead, and then on the night of the concert. Let's go MTA: Proposition A passed. Get it in gear.

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Dusty said...

Correction, "the always IT hang out" because of the stocked fridge and environmentally conscious usage of water.

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