Stay warm

It's getting a little cloudier, grayer, and chillier here in SF. Make yourself some garments out of plastic bags before they're an endangered resource. And remember, it's warmer here than in Iceland. Monday (Lunes, el 19 de noviembre)
  • Sigur Ros does Reykjavik: Film Heima 8pm free with The band makes a film about their concerts and homeland. Could be soporific, could be breathtaking, could be both.
Tuesday (Martes, el 20 de noviembre)
  • Plastic Bag Ban Bash at 111 Minna 6-9pm $5 donation. I am not in total accord with Chico Bag products, but I do think this ban is a good step towards awareness and innovation. Plus I am going to win $250 in the fashion contest. The free drinks and food (6-7) are on me!

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