Nov 26 til ???

The title is a reference to all those party announcements that say "6pm til ???" meaning the cops could break it up at 6.30pm or it could rage until 3.30am. Here are the haps for this week, and I'll update when I have updates. Look at the whole week so you know what to pencil in your Hello Kitty datebook. And if somehow you've haven't happenstancedly seen Ozomatli for free 3 times in the last year as I have, they're playing Thursday thru Sunday at the Independent (not free: $27). The trombone player's charisma might be worth that price alone. Monday, November 26th:
  • Midnight Cowboy at ATA 7.30pm $5 for movie, discussion by Whore magazine, and cupcakes!
  • 6pm BBQ and POTLUCK @ 2050 Bryant btwn 18th/19th St. Community Meeting at 6:30 Board Meeting @ 7:30 GET INVOLVED. [sic from that PlantTrees Guy, so I don't know much about this event, but who doesn't enjoy potlucks?]
Tuesday, November 27th:
  • Movie night! At your own place.
Wednesday, November 28th:
  • Sugar and Gold, The Most Serene Republic, and Los Campesinos! [sic] at Great American Music Hall. Show at 8pm $12. I'm going to eat so much at the SFBC meeting beforehand because I need calories to burn as I shake it nonstop at this concert. Wear something shiny.
  • With Blood doc surveys the lives of health workers and patients in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. 8pm at Station 40.
Thursday, November 29th:
  • The Onion Society for Beer Enjoyment meets at Danny O'Coyles in the lower Haight. To RSVP, e-mail with "COYLES" in the subject field. 6-8pm, but the free beer will probably be gone by 6.21pm.
  • Another CellSpace Potluck.
  • The Gleaners and I. Another Station 40 film 9pm: Agn├Ęs Varda's The Gleaners and I is jam-packed with information, personalities, and affecting images. Varda spent nearly a year touring France with a small crew and several tiny DV cameras, capturing the people who scavenge and salvage the food and objects left behind by others.
  • Teenage Craze Dance Party at the Knockout. Free at 10pm, with bingo before that.
Friday, November 30th:
  • 50% off clothing at Thrift Town! 17th and Mission.
  • Dog Eared Books at 20th and Valencia. 7-9pm. Cool art and book reading, even though it isn't listed on their website.
  • The Lab's 11th annual small format art show and reception 6pm. If you are a fancy member, you get in at 5pm.
  • Love 4 Amy fiesta and fundraiser at Balazo Gallery 6pm til ???. She got hit on her bike by a drunk driver and is throwing a bash to pay her billz. Auction, food, libations. You can bid on reiki, but I'd bid to not have it done to me. Donate some dough and get goods and cute people's phone numbers.
  • Conspiracy of Venus Choir and other arty stuff at a.Muse Gallery (Alabama and 18th). Free nibbles and wine 8-10.30pm. They'll be singing some very non-traditional choir music at 9pm.
  • Etienne de Rocher and amigos at Rickshaw Stop 9pm $10. As if there weren't enough to do Friday night, here is another quality ensemble including Kelley Stoltz, Bart Davenport, The Moore Brothers, and more.
  • Iron and Wine at Paramount Theatre 8pm $28.50 is indeed expensive, but "Boy with a Coin" on the new album is muy bueno.
  • Optimistic film at Victoria Theatre $5 at 8pm. I don't even snowboard, but this looks DOPE.
  • The Music Lovers are supposed to be fabuloso. $5 at Amnesia 9pm.
Saturday, December 1st:
  • Crafticon at Modern Times Bookstore 12-7pm. Skill share, musica, and bake sale!
  • Animal Rights film festival/potluck/bake sale 11.30-10pm. Besides all the thin pale vegans and the fat milkshake-french fry vegetarians, you can watch King Corn (supposedly a pretty great doc).
  • Celebration of Craftswomen show. Buy your mom stuff, but count the entrance fee as part of the gift. You can get in free by volunteering.
  • Look at MOB to plan your whooooole evening of free stuff. Yea for this website.
  • Cool art stuff at Little Tree Gallery 6-9pm. Woohoo! The Fetching Veggie Etchings by Maria Forde.
  • Underskatement film festival 7.30pm Victoria Theatre at 16th and Capp $7. And free afterparty at Cafe Du Nord with bands I don't know.
  • You can pretend you are haute at this Chillin event at Mezzanine. High Fashion and house music. I'm not going.
  • VHS or Beta and Foreign Born at Slim's 9pm $15. Foreign Born are good in concert, and the other band has a great analog name.
  • Heavenly States at Rickshaw Stop 8.30pm $10.
Sunday, December 2nd:
  • 10am-1pm: Beach Clean-Up Event - Ocean Beach - JOHN BUTLER & BRETT DENNEN
  • Winterfest! I'm volunteering with trash diversion, then joining in the debauchery of The Extra Action Marching Band.
  • Aimee Mann's Xmas show with lots of cool people, including Sean Hayes, at Bimbo's. $35.50 is steep, but you saved money the rest of the week by following my blog, so splurge. Drink and eat at the Mexican place closeby to save some masa (dough).

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